What Is A Gynecologist?

Gynecology is the physiologic branch of medicine that pertains to the functions or diseases of women and girls, specifically those that affect the reproductive system. Many tend to think that gynecologists only specialize during pregnancy, but this medical specialty can address most female concerns throughout a woman’s life. Our clinicians examine and provide care for diseases of the uterus, cervix, vagina, vulva, fallopian tubes, and ovaries. We provide pregnancy information for teens and educate those on infections and sexually transmitted diseases that can affect every opening of the body. Our specialists address menstrual concerns, contraception, infertility, sexuality, and even menopause.

What Do Our Gynecologists Do?

First and foremost, our gynecologists want you to be comfortable. We understand that not all situations are comforting and it’s up to our clinicians provide you with a positive experience that gives you the attention you desire and deserve. Whether you’re visiting with us for your first exam during your first period, or you’re experiencing menopause, our professionals care for you the same. We discover what you value and tailor our approach to your specific situation. We have the ability to perform tests or specific examinations in the comfort of your own home or within one of our clinics. Our clinicians can speak with you via telemedicine technology or visit with you in a comfortable environment of your choice. No matter what, we want your gynecology experience to be an effective and convenient one.

Why Are Gynecologists Important?

shutterstock_243154639_hugeEducating young women on the severity of diseases and infections is reason enough, but maintaining your reproductive tract is just as important. In most cases, patients develop chronic illnesses because they aren’t educated on the topic or don’t have an educated professional explaining to them consequence. Sometimes, prevention can be the most impactful solution. As a woman’s body begins to change or they experience certain symptoms, it’s important to ensure all of their questions are answered. Receiving advice on living a healthy lifestyle coincides with preventing life altering decisions or situations. By participating in routine gynecology examinations such as a pelvic exam, one can receive immediate treatment for pain, discomfort, or other reproductive concerns while creating a medical history pinpointing bodily changes or specifics about their lifestyle.

Reasons to register with one of our gynecologists:

1. Understand your body and how to care for it.

2. If you’re sexually active and have questions about sex.

3. You have an irregular period or missed it.

4. Your stomach hurts, have a fever, and fluid is coming out of your vagina.

5. Give your clinician an idea of what is normal to you to improve future diagnosis and understanding.

6. Improve emotionally as your body is going through changes.

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