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Ear Nose Throat (ENT)

What is an ENT Specialist? (Otolaryngology)

As defined by the Medical Dictionary, ENT is the combined specialties of diseases of the ear, nose, pharynx, and larynx; including diseases of the head and neck, tracheobronchial tree, and esophagus. Our ENT specialists are trained in the medical and surgical treatment of these organs as well as managing diseases in these areas of the body such as:

  • The upper pharynx and oral cavity
  • The larynx also known as your voice box
  • Nasal passage sinuses

The ENT specialty is considered one of the oldest medicine practices in the United States and one of the most commonly sought after medical solutions.

Exploring the Ear:

Anatomy- Of- The-EarUnlike the throat and nose, the ear is more complex throughout the inner and outer regions. There are 3 sections that make up the ear; the external (outer), the middle, and the inner ear. Your eardrum (tympanic membrane) separates the outer and middle ear while the external auditory canal links the outside of your ear to the inside. Your mucous-lined Eustachian tube connects the middle ear to the throat while equalizing pressure and transferring proper sound waves. Each one of these sections plays an integral part.

Now that you understand the complexities of the ear, you can begin to understand the attention to detail required to diagnose, treat, and manage. Whether our ENT specialists are treating disorders that are cancerous, ear infections, facial or cranial nerve disorders, balance issues, or even hearing loss, we are always placing our patient’s values first. Call our scheduling department for more information on the ear solutions we provide.

Examining the Nose:

Anatomy-Of-The-NoseAlthough the appearance of the nose can be important, the sinuses and nasal cavity is the main focus of our ENT Specialists. Your sense of smell and ability to breathe are legitimate components of the nose, but there are so many other areas of significance related to your peripheral nervous system. The nose is made up of the external meatus and nostrils, the septum, nasal passages, and sinuses. Our ear nose and throat specialists focus on dysphagia and patients with sinus problems but are not limited to the two.

Nose care coincides with hygiene and a healthy lifestyle and regular checkups with an experienced provider give our patients an advantage. Since most issues with the nose surround allergies and infections, it’s important to understand ways to address your individual situation. Whether our ENT Specialists are treating a simple runny nose (Rhinitis), sleep apnea, nasal polyps, or even a nosebleed – we understand the attention to detail required. Every one of our patients has a different solution and it’s our job to locate and address it while acknowledging what they value from their clinician.

Inspecting the Throat:

Anatomy-Of-The-ThroatYour throat is a muscular passage where food, liquid, and air begin their travel to specific parts of the body. Although many objects in different forms are transported through this tube, it also acts as speech formulating organ. The larynx consists of vocal cords and leads to the esophagus (also known as the upper aerodigestive tract or passage to the stomach) and trachea (lung passage). Above the larynx is the Epiglottis which pushes the food towards the stomach and away from your windpipe. The back and sides of your mouth protect you from infection and include your tonsils and adenoids.

It’s imperative that our ENT Specialists possess the ability to manage and advise on all aspects of the throat. Throat infections create swelling that inevitably impacts one’s ability to swallow or even breathe. A sore throat can be due to a disease, damage, illness, or even cancer. There are numerous different causes and symptoms that can mean a handful of different things. We want to educate our patients in these areas in hopes they receive the type of attention and care they deserve and desire.

The Ear Nose and Throat Specialist Care You Deserve..

The ears, nose, and throat are all different passages to internal organs but all differ in roles and responsibilities. Our ENT services commonly coincide with our neurology and dermatology solutions. Helping our patients understand these organs is the first step in discovering what they value. Having the ability to service our patients in their homes, on-the-go, via telemedicine, and within our clinics gives us the confidence in our ability to round out healthcare and impact the industry as a whole.

Avoid experiencing “ENT diseases”. Call MD24 House Call (888-632-4758) to schedule an appointment and begin improving what you see and how you see it!

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