What are Chronic Care Management Services?

Chronic Care Management (also known as CCM) is defined as the non-face-to-face services provided to Medicare beneficiaries who have multiple (two or more), significant chronic conditions. Chronic care begins once you’ve experienced a disease for an extensive amount of time. Chronic care management programs are often needed by individuals that ignore frequent symptoms while trying to manage the affects on their own.

Our chronic care management services surround a societal change of lessening the cost of healthcare. Private insurance spending is disproportionately concentrated and the top 1% of patients are responsible for 25% of medical expenses. The top 5% generates 50% of costs. Decreasing readmission and hospitalization rates is at the forefront of MD24. As we identify chronic illness within our patient base, we understand how to accurately diagnose and treat each individual.

In the past, healthcare providers haven’t been efficiently coordinated to manage long term chronic illness. Multiple chronic diseases tend to coexist and patients are often required to see multiple different specialists that typically don’t work together. Moreover, treatment requires compliance and patients tend to become frustrated before even seeing a clinician.

MD24 can manage multiple specialities per patient in addition to our ability to conduct medical visits in a patient’s home or on their mobile device. We eliminate wait times, provide access to our personalized patient portal, and focus more time on the what matters the most – our patients and their values.

Chronic Care Management Programs Impact Our Patients..

ChronicCareOur patients value the time they’re able to spend with our clinicians. In order to execute effective chronic care management, our clinicians needs ample time for diagnosis and treatment. In contrast to acute care, chronic conditions require serious attention and often-times require steps that change patient’s behaviors. Being able to closely monitor our patients while observing their environment and surroundings gives us a great opportunity to impact the health society as a whole.

Placing our patients on a chronic care plan towards recovery improves overall health within the community while creating a peace of mind with the patient. According to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (2013), 70% of deaths in 2010 were due to chronic diseases – nearly 50% lost their lives to cancer or heart disease. It’s our mission to impact healthcare through effective chronic care management programs. If you’re currently experiencing pain, discomfort, or uneasiness, please feel free to reach out to us for more information.

Have any questions about “chronic care management”. Call MD24 House Call (888-632-4758) to schedule an appointment and begin improving what you see and how you see it!

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