Should I See a Podiatrist or Orthopedist?

The question “should I see a podiatrist or orthopedist is common amongst the senior community as falls and immobility cause multiple issues with feet, especially in podiatric orthopedics.

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How To Deal With Ingrown Toenail Pain

Ingrown toenail pain can be a nuisance but it can also be prevented and treated easily. If you practice good hygiene & healthy living you can avoid ingrown toenail pain easily.

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What is a Bunion?

Understanding what a bunion is more than likely isn’t going to cure the problems in your feet, but it might open your eyes to genetic causes that magnify the effect that your shoes have..


Podiatry wound management

MD24 House Call presents you this video about Podiatry Wound Care. The older we are, the more issues we get from our feet.

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