Happy National Rural Health Day in Nov 16, 2017

Posted on November 17, 2017


The third Thursday in November has been set as the National Rural Health Day. This is a day to highlight rural communities as wonderful places to live and work, increase awareness of rural health-related issues. It is an opportunity for MD24 House Call to introduce our innovative solution that draws the nation’s attention to the rural health nowadays.

Most large health systems are located in the center while there are not enough doctors and facilities in rural areas. That’s why the rural geriatric patients do not get the attention they deserve.

Regarding the rural health care needs, we came up with a medical solution that helps to ease national concern. We are also rapidly expanding the house-call network model with our patent-pending telemedicine via 4G smartphones and tablets. It allows professional providers deliver their care to rural residents at anytime, anywhere.

We are looking for clinics to partner and timeshare to bring the innovative Telemedicine for easy access to multi-specialties, seamless, stress-free and high-quality medical services. You will have more free time now than ever before.

Call us today at 623-374-7774 to register. We bring highly qualified healthcare to your doorstep.

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