Why choosing the right eye lenses for your glasses is so important

Posted on March 8, 2016

Choosing the right eye lenses for eyeglassesRefractive errors have always been common eye problems in our society. Wearing glasses is the best option for those that aren’t wating to undergo surgery to enhance their vision. Once patients accept this need, they tend to want to find a set of glasses that perfectly matches their style and personality. Not all glasses fit everyone. There are different materials, moldings, and purposes for different types of people and their desires. Selecting the right pair takes precision and patience but it’s definitely worth the time. You’ve already gone long enough with imparied vision and it’s important that your glasses feel natural and they don’t impede on your confidence or individuality.

When selecting glasses, most people overlook the type of lens they should choose. Too often, this important step is overlooked. What most people don’t know is the simple fact this common mistake can jeaopardise the safety of their eyes. Selecting a good fitting, quality lens provides patients with improved vision, appearance, and comfort – therefore improving quality of life.

How to select the right lenses for you glasses

Accepting the fact that you need glasses can take some time. While you’re processing information from your optometrist, consider educating yourself on the eye condition that you’ve been diagnosed with. Understanding your condition or refractive error helps identify your corresponding needs and will aid you during the lens selection process. In addition to refractive errors, there are also a multitude of lenses that are created from different materials in order to match differing eye conditions.

  • Types of glasses lensesPolycarbonate lenses are perfect for people that struggle to maintain delicate materials and items. Polycarbonate protects glasses from impact and rough surfaces. It’s is a resilient material that creates strong, durable lenses that resist breakage and scratching. This material is ideal for rimless glasses and has built-in UV protection in order to protect your eyes from cataracts and macular degeneration.
  • High-index plastic lenses serve those looking to avoid the “old coke bottle” look. This type of material helps patients feel more comfortable when dealing with strong prescriptions by providing them with lighter and thinner lenses in comparison to thicker, more traditional designs.
  • CR-39 plastic lenses are made from a plastic polymer called CR-39, or allyl diglycol carbonate. This affordable material is commonly used for prescription glasses production because of the quality of the end product. If you’re able to stand a thicker pair of glasses, then look into the CR-39 lenses for your new pair.
  • Trivex lenses provide superior impact resistance for your pair of glasses. In addition to strength, they’re also very effective when attempting to soften UV rays. Trivex lenses are similar to the polycarbonate design, but prevent optical distortion better thanks to higher Abbe value. Trivex is also the lightest lens material that’s currently available.
  • Tribrid lenses are thin, lightweight, and provide extensive comfort and aesthetics for the patient. Although this design offers quality impact resiliance, there’s limited variations. Tribid lenses provide an array of coveted features but they may not fit your face or style the way you’d like.
  • Crown lenses are unique as they’re the only options that actually utilizes glass materials in the design. Crown glass creates one of the the most affordable types of lenses, but because it consists of glass, they’re heavier and more breakable than lenses constructed with more resistant materials.

Understanding your options along with your needs is just the first step. In addition to your personal preferences, selecting the right lenses for your eyeglasses requires a lot of consideration and consultation from trusted sources – especially when you don’t know if your lenses of choice are worth the price and consideration. Either way, we provide our patients with a wide variety of high quality eyeglasses with different lenses at reasonable prices. By placing our patient’s values first, we aim to make your selection process less intimidating and stressful. Our home optics program allos registered patients an ability to view and buy glasses online after schedule an exam and fitting with one of our clinicians at home. Simply just log on our DME website or call us at 888-632-4758 for more information regarding our DME products and our optical programs.

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