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Jun 9, 2013

Housecall doctors

When you choose MD24 House Call as your medical provider with skilled house call doctors, we cover most insurance and will verify coverage for every patient who signs-up with MD24 House Call.

This way, your parents will have the best services about insurance and coverage, but not only. You will be sent physicians to your home and they will perfectly take care of your parents. Our highly trained physicians are specialized in many different areas such as heart, skin, feet… This means all the diseases elderly people might meet during their everyday life, we can firstly control them but also anticipate them for the well being of your parents.

So we are proud to tell you that we will take care of your parents as they deserve and we will also cover the insurance. So there is only one step to let us take care of your parents now.

Let's meet us with an only one phone call (623-374-7774). And you will meet our physicians directly in your home. You can of course also meet us in our offices before or after being a patient, so you can check by yourself our serious at work.

We look forward to meeting you and your parents and taking care of them.