Aug 26, 2014

Symptoms of Peripheral Neuropathy

MD24 House Call follows a specific protocol to help people who are suffering with Neuropathy. We utilize the following:

   •    State-of-the-art procedure with proven efficacy, and high success rate.
   •    On-site Neuro-diagnostic testing, and Durable Medical Equipment (DME).
   •    Prompt Insurance Verification, Billing submission, and Payment options.

Aug 21, 2014

Testimonials about Neuropathy

Take a few minutes and read these testimonials from two patients who suffered with Neuropathy. After being treated with our proven methods, they were afforded the chance to reclaim their lives.
This is how they changed their previously painful everyday life:

“My goodness, it was a scary thing when I first started feeling it. I thought; maybe I’ll just go to the Doctor, maybe it has to do with something she can cure. But my Doctor didn’t have a lot of knowledge on what I later learned was Neuropathy. I found out that it could be caused by Chemotherapy; which I’ve had in my life, and then it was in my legs and I could feel it up towards my knees, and in my feet. One day I was reading my newspaper and I saw an ad: and I don’t usually pay attention to ads. This one kind of hit me, and I thought, I’m gonna call. I started coming to the Neuropathy clinic here and it’s like a miracle. The first time I came here, they had a smile… everybody had a smile! To me; because I work with so many people, and have my whole life, that means a lot to me. That means, Yep, we’re here to help. It took 3, 4, or 5 times to really notice a difference in the numbness in my leg, between my ankle and my knee. I talked to one of my tenants today and she was telling me a friend of hers had Neuropathy. He had the same numbness in his feet. I said you gotta have him come over and come with me. I’m a caregiver, so I’ve told my office about the treatment and if they know anybody, to direct them this way… I sincerely hope that anybody reading this will call and give this treatment a chance to help.”
Marilyn Hall

‘Well, I had noticed it probably about 5, 6 years ago. I was starting to have a little bit of difficulty in my feet with sensation. Also a feeling like my feet were cold most of the time. Tactile stimuli type sensations. I developed Type II Onset Diabetes, and that was about maybe 7 to 8 years ago. Consequently, I developed Neuropathy. One of the things I noticed with my Neuropathy was that shoes didn’t seem to feel comfortable, also some major discomfort in the foot and going up the back of the leg… Well, discomfort, and just an annoyance. I’m physically quite active; I’ve been a walker all my life, been very active all my life physically. I had researched everything that had been done in this area. When I looked into it, I followed through.”
“So consequently that was an open invite. I chose the option, came in for a free consult. In the course of the treatment; I did go the 16 weeks, 32 sessions. I have completed that as of about a month ago. My outcome has been very, very positive! I’d say that I’ve had a 90% improvement. Hopefully it will stay that way. I don’t have the sensation of cold feet: and my testing, my pre and post testing, indicated that I was about 90 to 95% improved from the pre. For me it’s been a positive thing and I’m optimistic it will stay that way. I think there are two options. One that I pursued in the treatment of Neuropathy, the other one was medications. I opted not to do that. There are a number of medications out there you can take for this, but I chose this option. I figured I had nothing to lose.”
Dr. Lynn Groth

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Currently serving more than 280 community locations across Maricopa County; MD24 House Call is only one phone call away (623-374-7774) from providing patients with stress-free medical care in their own homes, and our goal is to keep them from being re-admitted to the hospital.

If you are interested in learning more about MD24 House Call’s Neuropathy treatment program; or want to register as a new patient, call us at (623) 374-7774, or visit our web site at If you are a Director or Manager of a Skilled Nursing, Assisted or Independent Living Facility in Phoenix, Arizona, and would like to learn how MD24 House Call can help your Residents with their medical needs, call us today!

Jul 22, 2014


With the law being passed in Arizona as of April 2013, we are now treating patients suffering from: trauma, burn, pain, cardiology related issues, infectious diseases, mental health disorders, and neurologic diseases (including strokes), wound care issues, dermatology and more through 4G smart-phone telemedicine, combined with onsite visit(s).

Our Telemedicine reach is to “THE PATIENTS” with the concept “Patient’s Values First”.  Once registered and scheduled, with one touch, residents living in senior retirement communities, long term care settings, group homes, private homes and rural areas can reach their own doctor group via telemedicine, and then follow up either in the clinic or at home.  If you are doctor groups or Accountable Care Organizations looking for a free telemedicine solution to help your patients with one-touch design, please contact us at to add your organization(s) in the app at no additional charge.  We can help your patients plus their family members and friends directly reach you quickly and securely.

MD24 House-Call medical services include Primary Care, Urgent Care, Podiatry, Wound Care, Transitional Care, Coumadin management, Psychology, Psychiatry, Pain Management and Eye Care at home. Patients can contact your own primary care clinicians and follow up in the clinics with your regular clinicians.  If your doctor group is not in the app yet with their logos, please tell your doctor to email us via and we will contact your doctor(s) immediately.  We are currently inviting everyone to join at no additional costs.  Patients can contact either their own clinicians or any service at home. This can range from home health nurse to mobile labs to doctors.  We have a full commitment on the services’ quality with patient's values first.

More importantly, you can instantly have a live teleconference with any home health agencies, hospices, mobile labs, mobile x-ray, private duty caregivers, infusion therapy at home, etc. at no additional costs.   You can contact the home services in your local areas of your choice via live teleconference with one touch from your smart phone.  If your favorite agencies are not in the MD24's app, please advise them to contact to add their logo into the app for your future call.

You can download the app and then use Telemedicine before the clinicians come out. After you are registered as a new patient, you can book an appointment then call our certified telemedicine clinicians at your convenience when you need urgent care or primary care.  With Video Call, you will get most of the care in a timely manner including medications refills, anywhere-anytime. Then a clinician will follow up with you either at home or in the clinic(s)

Besides, there is no time limit to take a first call because your care and values come first. Once registered and scheduled with a telemedicine clinician, you can have as much time as you need to get the care you need through video conference via 3G/4G Internet Connection.

There are 3 steps to install the Telemedicine app:
Step 1: Type in MD24 or Telemedicine in Google Play (or Apple Store in 4 weeks). Download the app. 
Step 2: The first time you make the telemedicine call, it will ask you to install Skype.  If you don't have a Skype username, please create a username and password for Skype.  If you already have one, enter your username and password. You will not have to repeat step 2 in the future.
Step 3: Turn on the MD24 telemedicine app, then touch either "Registration/Billing" button to register as a new patient with our staff, or touch "Scheduling" to book an appointment with the telemedicine clinician(s).

If clinicians cannot perform "in person" onsite visits IMMEDIATELY, you can use Telemedicine anytime and anyplace eventually.  At this point, our office hours are 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM.  We have answering services after hours and weekends. All you have to do is to pick up your 4G-Smart phone, turn on our telemedicine app and then "Make A Call" to our clinicians instantly anywhere with a scheduled appointment.

If you are an Infusion company or a Home Health company, you can get the doctor’s orders done in a timely manner for a new patient by the following steps:
Step 1: Download and Install MD24 Telemedicine app as mentioned in question # 5
Step 2: Contact "Registration" via the MD24 telemedicine app to register the patient with MD24.  Once done, you can then touch "Scheduling Department" icon to book an appointment with a clinician. 
Step 3: Talk to clinician during scheduled appointment time.  Your order will be processed in 24 hours if you use the Doctors Alliance web-based platform.  Send an email request to for a Doctors Alliance contract that includes the discount.

We are working hard to release the iOS version very soon.  We project within 4-8 weeks.
Telehealth Devices (i.e. wireless scale, wireless BP cuff, wireless pulse ox, wireless glucometer, etc.) will be available in iOS and Android in the near future too.  An announcement letter will be sent when it’s ready. 
You can also call us at (888)-632-4758 ext 4.  You can also contact us via

Jul 14, 2014


A new generation of healthcare is here, Advanced Healthcare Alliance at Home (AHAH)! With the law being passed in Arizona as of April 2013, we are now treating patients suffering from: trauma, burns, pain, cardiology related issues, infectious diseases, mental health disorders, neurologic diseases (including strokes), wound care issues, dermatology and more through 4G smart-phone telemedicine combined with onsite visit(s). We ensure safe medicine anywhere from 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM - we will expand the hours as we evolve.

The AHAH Network includes home health, hospices, mobile labs, mobile x-ray, mobile pharmacies, primary care physician’s network, specialists, and other healthcare partners serving patients at home or at patients’ convenience. As the largest innovative house-call provider network in Phoenix, Arizona, MD24 House Call is now integrating its innovative House Call model into AHAH Partners. This helps manage patients with chronic diseases not only inside the assisted living facilities and at home throughout Phoenix Metro, but also rural areas throughout Arizona.

An AHAH clinic is located in either assisted living facilities or locations suggested by AHAH partners. Each AHAH Clinic is funded and equipped with both telemedicine and telehealth equipment, where patients can have a live videoconference with any AHAH partners (i.e. home health nurses, specialists, etc.) instantly, anytime and anyplace. Moreover, the AHAH clinic will be collaboratively funded monthly by AHAH partners for marketing. This helps reach targeted patients at a fraction of the costs.

To register, please follow these steps at no charge for application download:

Step 1: Download and Install Telemedicine App on Google Play (iOS in near future)

Step 2: Touch the "Call MD24 Registration/Billing Department" icon and contact our registration staff

Step 3: Provide registration staff with consent to treat, insurance cards (front and back), credit card, and other information via video conference.

If covered by insurance, patients will not pay any additional costs. Otherwise, it's $35/follow-up visit with a certified clinician. You can connect to your own doctors if you advise them to sign up with us via We are currently inviting everyone to join at no additional costs. Patients can contact either their own clinicians or any services at home ranging from home health nurses to mobile labs to doctors. We have full commitment on the services’ quality with patient's values first. AHAH partners are coming together to share the marketing costs, thus reaching the same target audience. The more cost saved from marketing, the more values and innovative services we can bring to our patients. If you are a home health vendor or an accountable care organization (ACO) looking for telemedicine app and implementation for free, please email us at to get more information. The processes are simple with one simple collaborative marketing agreement, "The Patient's Values First".

At no additional charge to the selected home health agencies, infusion companies, hospice, mobile labs, radiology, pharmacy and other home-care partners, we collaboratively bring great values and innovations to our patients at home and through the AHAH Clinic. Besides telemedicine being offered for free at the start, the AHAH marketing is around the clinic setting that you want us to set up. For example, the infusion company owner will advise the AHAH manager to target all of the infectious disease clinics and ambulatory surgical centers. Then they place free telemedicine inside these locations, brining additional patients to the infusion companies. Once decided, the AHAH manager will focus the AHAH marketing fund invested by doctors, labs, x-ray companies, and infusion companies to bring more sign-up patients for the infusion company to bring great values to the patients directly.

To sign up and download app for your patients, you can follow the following steps:

Step 1: Download and Install Telemedicine App via Google Play (iOS in 4-8 weeks)

Step 2: Contact our registration staff (touch on "Registration/Billing Department")

Step 3: Provide registration staff with signed consent form, registration information, front/back insurance cards, and credit card.

You can also visit us at .or call us at (888)-632-4758 ext 4. You can also contact us via email