MD24 Announcing Innovative AHAH Clinic Inside Thunderbird Retirement Resort

A new generation of healthcare is here, Advanced Healthcare Alliance at Home (AHAH)! MD24 House Call, the largest innovative house-call provider network in Phoenix, Arizona, is now integrating its innovative House Call model into AHAH Clinic which helps manage elderly patients with chronic diseases inside the Thunderbird Retirement Resort. Besides having board-certified clinicians available “in person” to residents living within and around the assisted and independent communities, we also offer patent-pending telemedicine via 4G Smart Phone to resident’s family and potential 2 million smart-phone users in Phoenix Metro, which helps bring additional awareness to the communities. Our telemedicine app is also available at no additional charge to selected home health, infusion company, hospice, mobile labs, radiology, pharmacy and other home-care partners who are working closely with MD24 House Call and offering the specialized healthcare services in the clinic or at home, such as independent/assisted living communities and individual residences.

By integrating our innovative telemedicine into the AHAH Clinic, MD24 House Call is again the first in Arizona developing a specialized clinic to manage chronic diseases for elderly residents living inside and around the assisted and independent community. In order to focus on chronic disease management for elderly residents, MD24 House Call has a full range of board-certified physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners specialized in primary care, urgent care, psychology, psychiatry, podiatry, wound care and optometry. Our focus has always been reducing unnecessary trips to emergency room and hospitalizations. We are not here to replace your traditional PCP clinicians. We are Primary Care Program at Home which helps complement your PCP and reduce unnecessary hospitalizations and readmissions.

We are glad to partner with Thunderbird Retirement Resort; which is one of the most established community for the elderly residents. By offering AHAH clinic to Independent Living (IL) and Assisted Living (AL) communities, residents living in and around Thunderbird Retirement Resort is now having access to not only physicians for chronic diseases management at home, but also to mobile labs, pharmacy, radiology, nurses, physical therapy, etc. once registered with MD24 House Call. The AHAH clinic will help not only bring additional values to the residents, but also help differentiate from other for more residents signing up with the AL.

Beside the Advance Healthcare Alliance at Home with a full range of mobile medical services, medical power of attorney and surrounding residents can also instantly contact the clinician(s) at the comfort of their home by using MD24’s patent-pending telemedicine via 4G smart phone, then follow up with the clinician(s) in the clinic or at home. Please note that, we cover most insurance and will verify coverage for every patient who signs-up with MD24 House Call.

In order to ensure the highest quality of care, please welcome our selected professional team from MD24’s 30+ board-certified clinicians assigned to AHAH Clinic inside the Thunderbird Retirement Resort:

Dr. Linh Nguyen, MD, MMM – Board-Certified in Family Medicine,
Dr. Bradley Hughes, MD - Geriatrics & Family Medicine
Dr. Katherine LaCourt, MD - Board-certified in Family Medicine Dr. Greta Ivers, MD, MBA - Board Certified in Family Medicine Dr. Catherine Brigandi, DPM – Board Certified Podiatrist
Dr. Holly West, DPM – Board Certified Podiatrist
Dr. Sandford Kaner - Board Certified Podiatrist
Dr. Amanda Dean, PsyD – Board Certified Doctor of Psychology
Stacy Gregory, Nurse Practitioner in Psychiatry 

Dr. Nainesh Bhakta, O.D. – Board Certified Doctor of Optometry
Abel Lopez, Wound Care Specialist
Christine Douthit, Physician Assistant

If you currently live in Phoenix or Glendale city and would like to register as a patient in our primary care network and also learn more about other services at MD24 House Call, you can visit us at or call us (623)374-7774 ext 4. Become a part of the future of medicine and enjoy the convenience this program can offer you to improve the quality of your life.

Psychiatry AZ

Allow us to introduce new clinicians and our innovative programs to provide excellent medical care to our patients, your residents.  We are MD24 House Call, a network of Board Certified Physicians, Specialists, Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants that provide medical services to residents in senior retirement communities and long term care settings.  We bring the doctor to the patient in assisted, independent, memory care and group home communities.  Working in partnership with national laboratories, medical services and local pharmacies, MD24 brings comprehensive on-site coordinated care to residents; alleviating the stress and hassle of transportation and wait time issues often involved with doctor visits.  We are also the only with patent-pending 4G telemedicine introducing to home-bound patients in both rural and metro areas. More importantly, we are expanding the Psychiatry, Psychology, and Wound Care programs throughout the valley not only in assisted and independent living facilities, but also in group home and private home.

As of December 2013, we have added three primary care clinicians, two wound care specialists, and two additional psychiatry and psychology specialists to complement our existing 16 full time clinicians already on staff, making us the largest multispecialty house-call physician network in Phoenix. To accommodate hundreds of new patients per month, we have also lined up 3 more additional PCP clinicians ready to start in Jan 2014. We are currently enrolling new communities and patients that wish to join with MD24 House Call.
We are also proud to have Stacey Gregrory, Psychiatry Specialist, and Dr. Melissa Knowlton, Doctor of Psychology, to join our staff to provide a variety of psychological assessment and treatment support for those residents that may be in need of these specialty services.  Each has at least 15 years of experience. Stacey has conducted cognitive retraining with patients suffering short and long-term memory and has extensive experience in personality assessments and providing psychological and cognitive therapeutic support.  She is also skilled in managing medications and educating other clinicians in psychotropic medication management.  Dr. Knowlton has extensive background in evaluation and treatment for patients with dementia, managing multiple psychiatrists and psychologists. She is also in the process of copyright her innovative psychiatry and psychology program for the correctional department at the national level.
If you are managing a group home and we can enroll just two of your residents, we will prove to you and your other residents how valuable and convenient our psych service is and how we can also provide a full continuum of primary care and other specialty services (i.e. podiatry, wound care, psychiatry, psychology and optometry) directly in your residents’ homes. 
Currently serving more than 280 community locations across Maricopa County, MD24 House Call is only one phone call away (623-374-7774) from providing patients with stress free medical care in their own homes.  You can also “Request a Visit” via our website .  Contact us today!
We cover most insurances and will verify coverage for every patient who signs-up with MD24 House Call.

Podiatry AZ

To:  Administrators/managers/wellness directors of assisted and independent living communities

Because of increased demand for podiatry services in Independent and Assisted Living senior retirement communities throughout Maricopa County, MD24 House Call has expanded its physician specialist staff to now include three highly experienced and qualified podiatrists and a new wound care specialist.  Our house call podiatrists are available to visit residents in your communities and provide excellent podiatry care whenever they need them.

While our podiatrists will visit your residents, our patients, in the comfort and convenience of their own homes whenever they need them, we are asking senior retirement communities for support to help streamline our scheduling processes to ensure all of your residents will receive needed podiatry services on a regular and timely basis.  Through our recent experiences, due to the high demand, we have found that residents and community management like to schedule their podiatry visits in advance through sign-up sheets (roster) provided to them by senior retirement community management.

Your community can contact our scheduler and coordinate the best day to fit into the many other activities you already provide.  Your residents will always know which day their podiatrist will be in your community, and they will have the availability of choosing the best time for their appointment to fit their schedule – well in advance of the podiatrist’s visit.

By now, hundreds of residents who live in senior retirement communities have already registered with MD24 House Call as a podiatry patient and many more as primary care patients.  By implementing the sign-up sheet (roster) and submitting it directly to MD24 House Call’s podiatry scheduler 48 hours in advance of the podiatrist being in your community, we will be able to verify insurance coverage, dates of last service and scheduling date/time for existing patients.  The roster will also help us to identify patients who need to register with us new patients so we can make sure all paperwork and insurance verification is completed in advance.  For those patients who are not registered with us, but who choose to do so, our podiatry team will be able to register new patients on-site and during the day of service.

The second page is a sign-up sheet to help schedule your residents for the podiatrist.  In our experience, posting this roster in highly visible areas and/or community information books has proven very helpful and residents know where and when to sign up.  We encourage you to communicate with our scheduler on podiatry visit dates, then announce dates in both the rosters and in community newsletters, post in elevators or announce during community meetings.

Our aim is to assist you in having our podiatrists available for your residents when they need them.  If you have any questions, or want to schedule a date for podiatrist to visit your community, please contact our podiatry scheduler at (623) 374-7774.  Thank you for your assistance with this process which brings great benefit to your community and your residents.  Please fax completed rosters to MD24 House Call at 623-240-1110.  Our podiatry scheduler will verify all dates with your staff prior to visits.


Thank you… ….