Oct 16, 2014


MD24 House Call is a network of Board Certified Physicians, Specialists, Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants that provide medical services to residents in senior retirement communities and long term care settings.  We bring the Provider to the patient in assisted, independent and memory care communities.  Working in partnership with national laboratories, medical services and local pharmacies MD24 brings comprehensive on-site coordinated care to residents which alleviates the stress and hassle of transportation and wait time issues often involved with doctor visits.  Our continued success in reducing unwanted trips to the hospital and preventing unnecessary re-admissions is ensured by our commitment to the continuity of quality care through regular visits.  Equipped with one of the most sophisticated health care delivery platforms customized to meet the specific needs of our elderly population, our Physicians can be virtually anywhere and provide the quality of care necessary to ensure improved health.

We take the time to really know our patients. No more waiting two hours for a three minute office visit. Our provider’s schedules are made around each individual patient. Once prospective patients have signed up with an MD24HouseCall representative, our office will verify insurance coverage with their health plan to assure no surprise fees or bills. Once we receive confirmation, one of our experienced staff members will contact the patient, or their designated caregiver if requested, to set up an initial exam with one of our providers. We practice prevention and want to ensure that all of our patients are up to date on recommended preventative measures and we will start a caring relationship to benefit their individual health needs.

MD24 House Call is now treating patients suffering from Primary Care, Podiatry, Wound Care, Transitional Care, Diabetes Care, and Psychiatry Care… through 4G smart-phone telemedicine, combined with onsite visit. Moreover, MD24 House Call is now evolving its innovative House Call model into the Advanced Healthcare Alliance at Home (AHAH), which is an integrated home-care partners who helps manage elderly patients with chronic diseases at home and at multiple specialized clinics inside either assisted living communities like Thunderbird Retirement Resort in Glendale, AZ.

Currently servicing more that 300 community locations across Maricopa County, MD24 House Call is only one phone call away (623-374-7774) from providing patients with stress free medical care in their own homes.  MD24 House Call now comes to Tucson (Pima) to bring our best medical service ever to resident here. Call us today or “request a visit” via our web site at www.md24housecall.com for more information.  

Sep 17, 2014



Need a Flu shot this year? In order to ensure all primary care patients of MD24 House Call receive their annual Flu Not Pneumonia shots for 2014, MD24 House Call is asking its current patients or family members to call MD24 House Call at (623) 374-7774 or contact the senior living community (independent or assisted living, group homes, memory care facilities) where patients reside to sign-up on MD24’s Flu Shot sign-up list. These sign-up lists will be faxed to the key managers within all senior living communities throughout Maricopa County and specific days will be established for each facility.

All current patients will be eligible to receive the vaccines directly from MD24 House Call’s primary care providers and these vaccines are fully covered by Medicare. If residents want to register with MD24 House Call as a new patient, they will also receive the shots once we have them registered in our system and have verified insurance. All shots will be provided to all patients in the comfort and convenience of their own home. Flu shot supplies are limited.

If you are an administrator/manager/director of a senior living facility where there are no MD24 House Call patients, you can make arrangements with our patient liaisons to have your residents register with MD24 in order to receive the shots. For those communities where MD24 has several patients, we will be contacting you directly to establish sign-up sheets and choose appropriate days to provide the Flu vaccinations.

Along with this letter, we are also sending a sign-up that we encourage you to promote to your residents and place in a highly visible area so your residents can sign up. Our scheduling department will be your key contact during this process and they can be reached at (623) 374-7774.

MD24 House Call is proud to be able to assist the patients we already serve and look forward to serving the healthcare needs of new residents who register with us. To register as a patient, you can either call us at (623) 374-7774 and press option #4 for registration or go to our web site www.md24housecall.com and click on the button that says “Request a Visit.”

Aug 28, 2014

Ankle-Brachial Index Test

This test is done by measuring blood pressure at the ankle and in the arm while a person is at rest.

The Ankle-Brachial Index (ABI) result is used to predict the severity of Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD). A slight drop in your ABI with exercise means that you probably have PAD. This drop may be important, because PAD can be linked to a higher risk of heart attack or stroke.

Why It Is Done?
This test is done to screen for Peripheral Arterial Disease of the legs. It is also used to see how well a treatment is working (such as medical treatment, an exercise program, angioplasty, or surgery).

The ABI result can help diagnose Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD). A lower ABI means you might have PAD. A slight drop in the ABI with exercise, even if you have a normal ABI at rest, means that you probably have PAD.

A normal resting Ankle-Brachial Index is 1.0 to 1.4. This means that your blood pressure at your ankle is the same or greater than the pressure at your arm, and suggests that you do not have significant narrowing or blockage of blood flow.1

An abnormal resting Ankle-Brachial Index is 0.9 or lower. If the ABI is 0.91 to 0.99, it is considered borderline abnormal.

What To Think About?

Undiagnosed arterial disease in the arms can cause inaccurate test results.

Blood pressure readings may not be accurate when the blood vessel being measured is hardened by calcium (calcified). Arteries may calcify more than usual if you have Diabetes or Kidney Problems (renal insufficiency).

A very abnormal ABI test result may require more testing to determine the location and severity of PAD that might be present.

Questions to Ask Our Doctor About Ankle-Brachial Index Tests:

  • How high is my risk for peripheral artery disease (PAD)?
  • Am I a good candidate for an ankle-brachial index (ABI) test?
  • What happens next if the ABI indicates possible blockages in my legs?
  • What types of follow-up should I expect if my ABI is abnormal?
  • Does the abnormal ABI test mean I have PAD?
  • What symptoms should I look for?
  • Can I continue walking, running, biking, swimming, or whatever exercise I like to do?
Call us at (888)-632-4758 or www.md24housecall.com and book an appointment TODAY.

Jul 22, 2014


With the law being passed in Arizona as of April 2013, we are now treating patients suffering from: trauma, burn, pain, cardiology related issues, infectious diseases, mental health disorders, and neurologic diseases (including strokes), wound care issues, dermatology and more through 4G smart-phone telemedicine, combined with onsite visit(s).

Our Telemedicine reach is to “THE PATIENTS” with the concept “Patient’s Values First”.  Once registered and scheduled, with one touch, residents living in senior retirement communities, long term care settings, group homes, private homes and rural areas can reach their own doctor group via telemedicine, and then follow up either in the clinic or at home.  If you are doctor groups or Accountable Care Organizations looking for a free telemedicine solution to help your patients with one-touch design, please contact us at media@md24housecall.com to add your organization(s) in the app at no additional charge.  We can help your patients plus their family members and friends directly reach you quickly and securely.

MD24 House-Call medical services include Primary Care, Urgent Care, Podiatry, Wound Care, Transitional Care, Coumadin management, Psychology, Psychiatry, Pain Management and Eye Care at home. Patients can contact your own primary care clinicians and follow up in the clinics with your regular clinicians.  If your doctor group is not in the app yet with their logos, please tell your doctor to email us via media@md24housecall.com and we will contact your doctor(s) immediately.  We are currently inviting everyone to join at no additional costs.  Patients can contact either their own clinicians or any service at home. This can range from home health nurse to mobile labs to doctors.  We have a full commitment on the services’ quality with patient's values first.

More importantly, you can instantly have a live teleconference with any home health agencies, hospices, mobile labs, mobile x-ray, private duty caregivers, infusion therapy at home, etc. at no additional costs.   You can contact the home services in your local areas of your choice via live teleconference with one touch from your smart phone.  If your favorite agencies are not in the MD24's app, please advise them to contact media@md24housecall.com to add their logo into the app for your future call.

You can download the app and then use Telemedicine before the clinicians come out. After you are registered as a new patient, you can book an appointment then call our certified telemedicine clinicians at your convenience when you need urgent care or primary care.  With Video Call, you will get most of the care in a timely manner including medications refills, anywhere-anytime. Then a clinician will follow up with you either at home or in the clinic(s)

Besides, there is no time limit to take a first call because your care and values come first. Once registered and scheduled with a telemedicine clinician, you can have as much time as you need to get the care you need through video conference via 3G/4G Internet Connection.

There are 3 steps to install the Telemedicine app:
Step 1: Type in MD24 or Telemedicine in Google Play (or Apple Store in 4 weeks). Download the app. 
Step 2: The first time you make the telemedicine call, it will ask you to install Skype.  If you don't have a Skype username, please create a username and password for Skype.  If you already have one, enter your username and password. You will not have to repeat step 2 in the future.
Step 3: Turn on the MD24 telemedicine app, then touch either "Registration/Billing" button to register as a new patient with our staff, or touch "Scheduling" to book an appointment with the telemedicine clinician(s).

If clinicians cannot perform "in person" onsite visits IMMEDIATELY, you can use Telemedicine anytime and anyplace eventually.  At this point, our office hours are 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM.  We have answering services after hours and weekends. All you have to do is to pick up your 4G-Smart phone, turn on our telemedicine app and then "Make A Call" to our clinicians instantly anywhere with a scheduled appointment.

If you are an Infusion company or a Home Health company, you can get the doctor’s orders done in a timely manner for a new patient by the following steps:
Step 1: Download and Install MD24 Telemedicine app as mentioned in question # 5
Step 2: Contact "Registration" via the MD24 telemedicine app to register the patient with MD24.  Once done, you can then touch "Scheduling Department" icon to book an appointment with a clinician. 
Step 3: Talk to clinician during scheduled appointment time.  Your order will be processed in 24 hours if you use the Doctors Alliance web-based platform.  Send an email request to ma@md24housecall.com for a Doctors Alliance contract that includes the discount.

We are working hard to release the iOS version very soon.  We project within 4-8 weeks.
Telehealth Devices (i.e. wireless scale, wireless BP cuff, wireless pulse ox, wireless glucometer, etc.) will be available in iOS and Android in the near future too.  An announcement letter will be sent when it’s ready. 
You can also call us at (888)-632-4758 ext 4.  You can also contact us via media@md24housecall.com.